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2016 Shepherds of the Year: Liz and Gary Cavey

Liz and Gary have been raising sheep for 40 years right here in our midst. Consistently dedicated from the start in 1976 to their chosen breed, the Montadale, their sheep journey started as a family undertaking:

  • with three children participating in 4-H;
  • co-founding and actively supporting the Maryland Montadale Association, generously donating lambs to benefit 4-H’ers;
  • promoting lamb at food booths, and
  • beautifully celebrating the versatility of Montadale fiber through spinning, dyeing and producing and selling yarns and finished garments at numerous venues.

Liz has served as an MSBA Director, and was MSBA Vice President from 2013-2014. She has chaired or co-chaired our Scholarship Committee for several years, working to reach out and broaden awareness of our Scholarship program and draw excellent candidates.

Always ready to step up, Liz and Gary have helped out at the Maryland Wool Pool, where Liz has been honing her wool classing skills and Gary has worked with the wool presses to get the wool baled. Liz has also assisted with wool classing and handling at the Shearing School.

Liz has always been a voice of reason, of encouragement, of ideas, and of integrity. She models the prized Maryland shepherd, who

  • embraces and celebrates the whole range of benefits sheep provide for us,
  • encourages young people,
  • is always open to learning more, and
  • is always ready and willing to share her wisdom, experience, and insights.