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2017 Shepherd of the Year: Geof Ruppert

This year’s Shepherd of the Year winner is highly respected regionally, nationally and known internationally. He has been a pioneer in restoring his sheep breed’s genetics through careful breed selection and the use of AI with imported breed semen. While conducting this restoration, he has brought a great deal of recognition to the economic impact good wool can have on the bottom line. Probably many of you have seen his wool pictures – beautiful and with exceptional value.

He has won virtually every champion or supreme fleece award too many times to count. His excellence as a shepherd is hard to match. He has judged sheep on both the East and West coasts. He is a veterinarian, a musician, a son, a husband, and a father. He encourages youth and shares his knowledge and enthusiasm willingly. We are proud to have him and his truly spectacular Corriedales in our midst to remind us what passion, steadfast love for a true breed type, and hard work can accomplish.

Congratulations, Geof!